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The Pacifica Beach Coalition

                 2015 ,2016 Earth Day Pacifica

                                                                     ​Excerpt from "Earth Day Pacifica, 2014
​San Jose Mercury article.

                                      "Film on Pedro Point Firehouse a keeper" 

​​​"Ticket to Write"         Camera for Steve Brown Interview 

"Museum screens video history of Valdemar"

 other shows

Direct the live broadcast of the annual    FogFest parade.

Produce and maintain videos for 

​  'The Pacifica Coastside Museum"

   with Steve Brown.

Edit and shoot for the Pacifica Beach Coalition "Earth Day"

"Footprints of Pacifica" is a 30 minute bi-monthly cable show based on the history of Pacifica. I started this show with the Pacifica Historical Society in 2006.We have produced over 150 shows and have recieved many awards.

Check out this article about show #150.

"Film on Pedro Point Firehouse is a keeper"  

Shooting on location and directing in studio, I work with a wonderful crew.

You can find more info at their website


"Footprints of Pacifica" 

Pacifica Community Television is one of the oldest public  cable access stations in the US.

I started volunteering in 1982 at Channel 8 as it was called then and have continued to the present with shows like, "Footprints of Pacifica" and many other fine productions.

You can find them at



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