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Catt Sadler

"Do the Vote Thing"  TV spot for WB 20 

Robert Duval

Promoting his film "Assassination Tango"


Preparation is key when it comes to a production. If it is a cast of thousands or a sock puppet it is nice to know what to expect and be ready for what not to expect.


 - script-writing
- storyboarding
- location scouting
​ - hand-holding




The day of the shoot, we are prepared and ready.

     - lighting

     - multi-camera shooting HDD 422 50 bit

     - directing

     - having fun!



It might be on YouTube for a thousand years

so we want your project to hold up and look it's best.

         - editing FCPX

         - motion graphics

         - sound mix

         - color grading



Capturing a moment is like hunting for emotions with light and shadows, sound and silence.


We don't fade to black when your project is over.

     - updated versions

     - multiple formats

     - digital delivery


west avalon

​  P R O D U C T I O N S

Sam Cutler 

Up coming documentary about the day before Altamont

Shots from the past

Allen Denton

KNTV News Promo