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"There are few scripts, setups or scenarios that Bob hasn't seen after decades of doing this stuff day in and day out.
 These experiences have made him extremely adaptable to virtually any project he works on. He has a knack for understanding what the client is going for - many times when the client themselves isn't that sure. He helps them flesh out their vision and walk away with a better product than they could have ever imagined. And the best part is that he does this with a humility and work ethic that is rare. As an editor, I owe some of the best work of my career to Bob's unique eye and inventive shooting. I feel extremely  lucky to still be telling stories with him and hope to for many years to come."

Eric Wise, Founder

"Bob Twigg is a talented, detail-oriented videographer who can do it all. Being on-air talent, we worked together daily during in-studio show tapings and on long field shoots. Bob's attention to studio lighting, adaptability out in the field and ability to wear many hats during production helped our small team earn 3 Emmy nominations and Bob himself won an Emmy. That's why I highly recommend Bob for both his directing and photography skills." 

Lesley Nagy,
 National Correspondent of The Better Show

"Bob Twigg is a true Director of Photography in every sense of the word and quite simply one of the best photographers I've ever worked with. He is a multi-talented Emmy winning DP who brings stories to life with a keen eye for detail and composition.  He brings the passion of storytelling to every production and every shot is equally as important.  No shoot is too challenging. Whether it's filming in extreme conditions, or in light challenging situations, he is the ultimate problem solver who knows how to get the shot every time.
         In studio, his talent for lighting can not be understated. I worked side by side with Bob for 5 years at the WB affiliate in
San Francisco, where I witnessed these qualities first hand every day both in the field and in studio. He was invaluable to me as a show and series producer and I went into every shoot confident we'd leave with stunning visuals and first-rate audio. But Bob brings more to the table than excellent technical skills and composition. His work ethic, integrity and dedication is also of the highest caliber. Plus, as experienced as he is, Bob continually strives to adapt to new media technologies and move projects forward with fresh perspective.
         I can't recommend Bob enough for bringing your story to life, no matter what that story may be."

Amy Plemons
Show Producer, AMS Pictures

"Bob is the Man ! ! !"

Matt Nathanson